Bathroom Design Minimalist

There is a problem with an area of your home that is limited, but want to build a luxurious minimalist bathroom? Not to worry, this point has many variations of minimalist bathroom design small size that can be applied to building a mini-sized. Without leaving the impression of luxury and elegance on the Interior.

That’s some collection of minimalist bathroom design pictures small size which has been widely applied by building with an area of limited. Actually, not only the home have applied the concept of the interior. Many other types of buildings also count on it, such as office building, Cafe, hotel, etc.

However, hopefully Your minimalist home can have one bathroom interior concepts such as the example above. So, no more problems related to land land or a narrow building area, when he wanted to design a super luxurious bathroom though.

Maybe that’s all that can be served by on the occasion of this day. Hopefully can help all of you who are planning on building a mini bathroom at home. And also hopefully, the examples above did not become a design concept in the design of your bathroom. However, further leading to the modification and combination between multiple design concepts into a fresh new concept.

So, you indirectly helps in developing insight and knowledge of the world of design through design-creative design you made.

Tips On Choosing A Home’s Roof

In previous posts we have discussed tips on how to choose the right flooring material. It would feel incomplete if we do not discuss tips about the roof. A house would not be complete without a roof. No one can protect us from the hot sun and heavy rain if we are inside our houses without roofs. In addition to providing protection, roofs also add to the beauty of the exterior of our homes. This time, we would like to share some tips on how you can choose the right roofing material for your minimalist home.

metal roof for your house

There are many different types of materials used for roofing. All you have to do is do some research on your home before deciding on the type of roofing material. Make sure that you pay attention to all the aspects that are important in getting the right roofing materials for your home. Here are some tips you should keep in mind for when you’re choosing roofing materials:

Consider the weather conditions of the environment

The weather and temperature in your area are becoming important factors because roofing materials may not last as long with the kind of weather in your area. For instance, you cannot use zinc if you experience lots of wind. You also should not use wood materials if you experience a lot of snowy weather. For the moment, it seems concrete roofs are the most durable at extreme temperatures.

metal roofing

Note the installation of the roof

Some roofing material is very easy to install and then there are some that are difficult. If you are planning to put up the roof of your home yourself, choose materials that are easy to install. The time required for installation also varies depending on the material. It may be a good idea to use the services of a professional like Ideal Construction to install the roof to make sure it’s attached correctly. They have their own techniques that you might not be aware of.

The thickness of the roofing materials

Aside from the materials, a roof can also have different thicknesses. After choosing your desired thickness, make sure it complies with the condition of the home. For example, a steel roof has a different sized tool. The thicker the material, the more durable it will be. There are also some types of fixed durable materials with sizes that are not so thick, but you’ll have to look into that.


snaplock standing seam metal roof

Quality and warranty

Each homeowner will want to get roofing materials that are able to survive for a long time. In addition, they also want to ensure that the money spent to buy it is not in vain. Therefore, look for products that have a good warranty. If a product has a longer warranty, it might mean that the product is less durable and prone to cracking or breaking. My advice would be to choose a slightly more expensive brand to ensure this doesn’t happen. Most modern roofing materials have a warranty though so you should be alright if anything happens.

Consider the price

Of course, you need to know the amount of money you’re going to spend. You should compare the price of the materials and see what you can afford. In addition to costs, also be aware that just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it has to be good quality. There are lots of items that are not too expensive but are high quality.

Consider the architecture of your home

The architectural design of your home should also be considered carefully. Is the roofing material you choose based on the shape and position of your home? Typically roofing materials are specified in the design process so you can see the look of your home in 3D images. Make sure you get the right materials that fit your house.

Learn about the different types of materials

Roofing materials vary widely, ranging from concrete, wood, metal and many others. Choose the best materials in accordance with the design of the house as well as your budget. Each kind of material has different advantages and disadvantages. Learn about each material so that you can choose the most appropriate materials for your roof.

Quality of materials

In addition to knowing the material, thickness and price, you also have to dig for some more information on quality. The quality of the materials is very important because if you buy low-quality materials, you just might have to buy a new set of materials not long after. To avoid this, do your research and make sure to select a high quality roofing material.


Tips About Healthy Kitchen

The kitchen is the room that is vital in a House. The kitchen became a place to cultivate food for the whole family. A good kitchen is that comply with health standards. Cooking in the kitchen is clean and healthy, will produce healthy food anyway, so any family members maintained his health.

In addition, managing the kitchen, appliances, foodstuffs, etc. can also affect health in your kitchen. Here, there are a few practical tips about healthy kitchen for you to follow. Happy listening!

1. Clean the Kitchen on a regular basis

Clean the kitchen could not only gradually became only. A dirty kitchen, would potentially cause problems such as odor and becomes a hive of bacteria. So that’s not too tired of cleaning the kitchen, clean the kitchen regularly every day. Use a broom, MOP and rag and liquid cleansers special cleansing so that your kitchen.

2. Clean the Sink/Dishwasher

Place of washing dishes is the beginning of the health of family members. Cutlery and tools clean, Cook will have an impact on overall health. Therefore, the sink and wash plates must be clean from the rest of the groceries, crust and avoid unpleasant smells.

3. a good air circulation

Even if you wear a clean kitchen, kitchen in room air circulation must be observed. Complete your kitchen with the window so that the circulation of air in the kitchen. If necessary, place the plant life in order to be fresh air.

4. Provide Dumpster

The trash can is important to dump rubbish like food wrappers, leftovers, and so on. Try to throw away trash that has already accumulated in the trash today so that the faithful avoid the stench of garbage.

5. Clean the Refrigerator

The refrigerator is the place to store food that’s prone to becoming a den of germs. Therefore, create the agenda to clean the refrigerator. Immediately dispose of any food that is not feasible is consumed in order not to cause mold.

6. Check the Expiration date of the Food Ingredients

Foodstuffs have a different expiration date. Please check the expiration date in order to be not at risk of poisoning.

7. Clean and the kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils that are used every day should be kept clean. In addition, the kitchen utensils neatly so that it is easy to find. For equipment that is rarely used, also should be cleaned periodically so that are free of dust and germs.

8. Do not warm the Vegetables over and over

Try not to warm the vegetables over and over, especially vegetable coconut milk. Indeed, it tastes delicious side dish to a meal, but actually not healthy for your body.

9. avoid Repeated use of cooking oils

Cooking oils used repeatedly will cause the cholesterol and heart disease. Try not to wear a cooking oil repeatedly until lightly browned. Moreover, hold the cooking oil in a place that is open, it will be at risk of living bacteria.

10. Select the storage of Food

Select a storage area for food and hygienic. In addition, take note of the material creation. For plastic containers, make sure it is safe to store food.

So some practical Tips About Healthy Kitchen. Hopefully useful!